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Raison D'Etre of the CRP Founders
Background on the Founder pix, Mar 2014.
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Arts, Music, and Academics

  • arts and music programs
  • STEAM programs
  • foreign languages classes, all levels
  • computer instruction and training
  • cooking classes for children and adults
  • healthy eating classes and mentors
  • kitchen facilities rental to meet the needs of caterers and food truck operators
  • tutoring in all subject areas, all ages, even college
  • youth and adult mentor and internship programs


Essential Services

  • quality day care services
  • transportation services
  • mental health services
  •  quiet study areas in a library setting
  • cafe, restaurant and grocery services



  • job readiness training
  • special interest groups and clubs
  • financial and home ownership counseling
  • healthy living counseling
  • physical fitness programs and self-defense classes
  • support groups